Message from Aaron Nelson, on the ground in Haiti

Good morning my friend,
How are you doing? We are doing okay down here in Haiti. I still have not been to Les Cayes to visit the kids yet but I did send some supplies and monies for them. I am actually in Carrefour, we already treated 300 patients since Tuesday. Hundreds of thousands of survivors of the earthquake are living in makeshifts tents or on blankets, plastic sheets in 90 degree sun. Yesterday a lot of vibration intensified into side to side shaking that lasted a few seconds. I used to live in California so earthquake don’t really scare me but trust me it is a different feeling down here.

More than 20,000 people are looking for boats to carry them down the coast. In Leogane where Ps. Milien has a church of 500 members and a school for more than a 1000 kids are all gone. Homeless lived under sheets draped across tree branches.

According to the latest Official reports: 200 000 estimated death toll. more than 80,000 buried in mass graves. More than 200,000 new orphans. Homeless raised from 1.5 million to 2 million. 250,000 need urgent Aid. It’s like working in a war situation said Rosa Crestani of Doctors Without Borders. Some places they don’t even have morphine to manage pain. 3 million are affected 2 million of them need food for at least for 6 months.

When you drive down the streets, the stench of the lingering dead, and the tears and up stretched hands of helpless Haitians made clear that the country”s tragedy will continue for months and years as this poor land counts and remembers its losses.

A woman in the streets raised her arms to the sky and spoke for 4 million: “Lord have mercy for we are sinners! she shouted. Please have mercy on Haiti.”

I will be back in Orlando on Tuesday. It is hard send the pictures so I will do that once I get back.

Aaron Nelson


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