The Children of Haiti: A Message from Aaron Nelson of Shepherd’s House Ministries

Dear friend
Here is a little History I found about Haiti:

[The Island of Hispaniola, the second largest Island in the Caribbean, contains two separate countries; the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Columbus claimed Hispaniola in 1492, and it later became the major launching base for the Spanish conquest of the Caribbean. Subsequently, disease and slavery were introduced by the Spanish conquistadors, and the indigenous Arawak people were destroyed.

In the 17th century with the Spanish in control, the French established a colony in the Island. The Spanish later ceded the Western third of Hispaniola in 1697, which in 1804 became known as Haiti, at the conclusion of the Haitian slave revolt.

Since then, Haiti has been ruled by a seemingly endless line of dictators; who imposed absolute obedience to their authority. That political turmoil has continually divided Haiti into a very small and wealthy elite, and large underclass of people with little or no economic or political power.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Haiti did struggle to establish legitimacy of its government and to improve the economic and social conditions of its people. In 2004, the people revolted as they continued to search for freedom and equality-long absent in their beloved country of Haiti.

January 12, 2010 a 7.0 earthquake hit the Island and once again, Haiti was down to her knees. Thousands of people lost their lives, In Haiti most people do not have a saving account but do invest their monies by building houses, schools and churches. All of their life savings were gone in less than 1 minute. After four major Hurricanes in less than two years, an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.0 was the last think in the mind of the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere.]

Thanks to your prayers and financial supports, I was able to spend a week in Haiti with a team of doctors, nurses, engineers, and pastors. During that week we were able to treat more than 1200 wounded people, secured enough food for more than 6000 people for 15 days, distributing water, tarps, food and first aid supplies.

Every day we have people standing in line reading to be treated. A lady was crying the whole time at our makeshift clinic. She kept asking us to go get her 3 kids in Leogane. They were at school when the earthquake hit Haiti. She kept saying please go tell them to come home, dinner is ready, make sure they wash their hands. Unfortunately all three lost their lives. A guy bit his hand off and broke the bone so he could free himself. Another was cooking and the whole grease burnt the back of her legs.(photos attached) Many times I had to put the camera down and found a little corner to cry. The suffering in their eyes were so unbearable. In the midst of their suffering, hunger, thirst, hopeless, after they lost the little they had, the Haitian people are praising God every single day. Many voodoo priests, people who would never step inside a church building are firm believers now. The power of God is changing hearts in Haiti.

On Sunday we visited an orphanage (Notre Dame de la Nativite) in the city of Fontamara. A 4 story house (where the children were staying) collapsed to the ground. More than 90 kids lost their lives. (78 of them are still buried under the rubble) Please keep them in your prayers because smell of death still fouling the air. Young adults in the neighborhood took turns looking after them.

Haiti’s children 45% of the population are among the most disoriented and vulnerable of the survivors. They have lost their parents, their homes, their schools and their bearings. They have been sleeping in the streets, foraged for food and suffered nightmares. Many of them considered suicide.

A lot of love, clean environment, therapy will be needed to make children of Haiti feel safe again. We, at Shepherds House ministries are dedicated to do just that because we believe: “EVERY CHILD NEEDS A PLACE TO CALL HOME” We already have a plan to do just that. Please visit us at to find out how you can play a part in the lives of the less fortunate in Haiti.

If you have any questions please call me at 714 235 5352

Once again, thank you so much for helping us helping the broken hearted.

In His Hands
Aaron and Nathalie Nelson

Pictures below can be attributed to Shepherd’s House Ministries


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