A Message from Bonnie Elam at The Haiti Connection

We have urgent requests. The Haiti Connection / Haiti Health Coalition is compiling lists of doctors & nurses, hospitals and clinics, and a calendar for visiting medical teams.
Information will be in a list and distributed to you all and put into on the web site.

We will also add it to the list-serve, if you want to join go to:

If you, or a group, can help enter data into an Excel sheet, please let us know..
Medical personal information:

Nom/Name Medical Team or Doctor(s) or Nurse:

Organization(s) Location: Clinic, Town and Commune

Contact: Phone(s) and/or E-mail(s)

Other information:.

Hospitals & Clinics


Location: City & Commune:

Medical personal at hospital: Doctors, Nurses, Community Health Workers and their contacts:

Facilities: EKG, X-ray, Lab, OR(s):

Condition of Hospital (i.e. safe, cracked, crushed):

If they have Surgical-Ortho Doctors and their Specility

If they have Supplies that they can Share:

Contacts: E-mail, phone(s)

Calendar of Medical and Construction and Water Treatment Trips

Dates of Volunteer Trips:

Destination: City, Commune

Organization, Address & Web Site

Contact Person(s) their e-mail and phone numbers

Other information

Schools that might be used to house patients

Name / Names

Location: City & Commune



Contacts, their E-mails; Phone

Condition of Building:

Thank you, this will help others to help you and one another.


Bonnie Elam


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