International Action Partnering with Clear Blue and Helping Hands to Dig Wells in Post-Disaster Port-au-Prince

International Action is supporting the Clear Blue Global Water Project‘s plans to purchase a newer model, high speed well-drilling rig from Florida and transporting it to Haiti to dig 30 wells in 30 days.

Before the earthquake, Clear Blue had a well-digging team in Haiti. All members survived, but left immediately after the quake,feeling that under the circumstances, they could no longer continue their work. However, a new Clear Blue team of volunteer hydraulic engineers soon returned, as it became all too evident that there was a colossal need for water in the hundreds of displaced person’s “tent cities” that have popped up all over Port-au-Prince. Clear Blue’s first post-quake water relief goal is to dig wells and install pumps to provide fresh water to the more than 150,000 earthquake survivors in one camp.

Sadly, on coming back, the team discovered that the equipment used by the previous Clear Blue group was in an unusable condition. They’ve located a newer model drilling rig in Florida. International Action has contributed funds towards its purchase, and generous donors have helped immensely as well. Recognizing the advantages of finding dependable, local water sources over transporting dozens of truckloads of water to disaster areas every day, the US military has agreed to help us ship the new rig to the first drilling site in Port-au-Prince free of charge. Haiti’s water minister has lifted all import taxes on the drill as well.

Another group, Helping Hands has also given support, and we are all jointly helping to supply the casing, pipes, and pumps for the 30 wells that Clear Blue is hoping to drill in the next 30 days. On February 4th, we heard that one new well was already punched using an older rig. We’ll be sure to update you on the progress of the new drill as soon as we hear news. Many thanks for your support.


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