Local staff continue leasing private reservoirs, distributing deworming pills

Our 5 local staff are continuing to lease private reservoirs in Cite Soleil to provide water to some of the most underserved communities in Port-au-Prince. Dalebrun, our Haiti director, is currently conducting an evaluation of chlorinators and plans to fix damaged systems by early March. He’s also compiling a list of destroyed water tank supporting structures that need to be fixed or replaced.

CAMEP, the local water agency, has approached International Action and would like us to expand our intervention to Leogane, the city most affected by the quake. CAMEP wants us to team up with an organization that is drilling wells there.

Nine pallets of chlorine were shipped from North Carolina to Haiti with the help of the US military/USAID joint task force. One hundred 150-gallon capacity water tanks and a truck loaded with PVC fitting to fix damaged chlorinators, along with 200 mosquito nets should arrive in Port-au-Prince by early next month.

Also, LAMP for Haiti, a charity that runs a free medical clinic in Cite Soleil, has been in touch with us about helping us distribute some of our stocks of Albendazole deworming pills. Today, one of their representatives met up with Dalebrun and picked up 25,000 pills (50 boxes of 500) to support LAMP’s ongoing deworming project in Cite Soleil.


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