Rain Brings Deadly Floods in Southern Haiti

Heavy rains in Haiti have caused flooding in several southern cities, killing at least thirteen and forcing thousands to evacuate.

The coastal city of Les Cayes suffered little damage during the January earthquake, but 1.5 meter flood waters have destroyed buildings and homes throughout the city. Some residents were initially forced to take refuge on top of their homes before fleeing for higher ground.

The evacuation puts increasing strain on overcrowded tent cities. Right now the UN has provided tents to 40% of the 1.4 million people left homeless by the quake, and intends to provide 2 plastic tarpaulins or shelter tool kits to every family by May 1st.

Tent cities in the path of the rain have become muddy swamps, and more will face similar conditions as the rains intensify over the next couple months.

As part of the effort to house people the UN is expediting the repair process for families whose homes suffered minimal damage and require little renovation. The UN is trying to allow these people to move back to their homes as soon as possible.


2 thoughts on “Rain Brings Deadly Floods in Southern Haiti

  1. why can’t the wold’s navies and cruise ships provide housing till port au prince is rebuilt and medical care, plumbing and essentials are in place??

    we’re talking billions of dollars after all!

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