International Action On the Move

Next Monday annual World Water Day is spearheading an eventful week for International Action. Our staff will be attending the World Water Day event here in DC, which is meant to draw attention to challenges facing the water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sectors around the world. The event will be hosted by National Geographic Society with the support of Water Advocates.

Tuesday we will be campaigning at World Water Advocacy Day, where emphasis will shift from impending problems to current solutions as organizations from around the world meet to discuss what they are doing to make a difference.  

Wednesday we will have staff attending a seminar on delivering clean water in Haiti’s post-earthquake world. Meanwhile our Executive Director Lindsay Mattison will be traveling to New York to attend the Clinton Global Initiative meeting.

These are critical events both for Haiti and the rest of our water-dependent planet. Haiti is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world leaving it particularly vulnerable to water related conflicts. However, Haiti’s predicament is by no means unique.  

Right now one in six people worldwide lacks a clean source of drinking water and by 2050 that percentage is expected to double. Poor drinking water and sanitation account for 80% of disease in the developing world.

According to a UN study the amount of water used per person worldwide has grown twice as a fast as the total population. Most of this water is used indirectly in the processes of creating the products that we use every day.

As a growing population demands more water, a worldwide water crisis becomes increasingly imminent. International Action will use next week’s events to continue networking with other like-minded organizations, and to fight to avert this potential disaster.


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