Help International Action Lead Global Giving’s Open Challenge

Help International Action Lead Global Giving’s Open Challenge

A few weeks ago, we were urged to join Global Giving – a website devoted to helping select causes. We did so.

To qualify, we needed to pass Global Giving’s Open Challenge to have 50 donors give a minimum of $4,000 by midnight April 26th. Our donors came through, along with their friends and family. So far, we have raised $6,353 from 74 donors, but there are still 2 weeks to go.

Funds donated to us through Global Giving will be used to rebuild the quake-damaged public water system for 44,000 people in Trou-sable, Simmond Pele, and Drouillard, communes located around Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince’s poorest slum.

Right now, we are ranked as the number two group in the competition to join Global Giving.

Now we want to be number one. If we win, there is an $8,000 bonus for our water relief work in Haiti.

Our staff in Haiti

The secret of Global Giving is that it measures the number of donors, not just the amount they give. It pushes us to reach beyond our usual base of donors.

So here goes…

Give us the names of family and friends. We will give them a powerful sketch of what is happening in Haiti:

More children will die from bad water after the earthquake than died in the quake. Only 8 out of 100 water systems in the capital city are working after the quake.

Whole sections of the city are now vacant as people leave their neighborhoods to camp in the countryside. There is even a plan to hold off rebuilding these neighborhoods to prevent people returning to Port-au-Prince.

We are making 68 tanks (2,000 gallon size) to rebuild not just the water system in and around Cite Soleil, but for the whole city. Hundreds of thousands of kids will get clean water. Global Giving’s Open Challenge still runs for another two weeks. Please take this opportunity help us bring Haiti out of this catastrophe.

With every good wish,

Lindsay Mattison
Executive Director


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