March Report from the Field: 13 chlorinators installed in 4 communities

In March 2010, our local staff led by our Haiti Director Dalebrun Esther, has installed 13 chlorinators in 4 communities.

One LF 1000 chlorinator was installed in Casale, a section of Cabaret, north of Port-au-Prince. This community has about 40,000 residents and is served by a water reservoir that has a 35,000 gallon holding capacity. Casale was inhabited for a time by Polish settlers and also experienced many bloody conflicts in the past due to disagreements with regard to water irrigation access for gardens.


N : 18048.501’

Wo : 72022.685’

Chlorinator installation by International Action at Casale, March 2010

Our staff also put in a LF 500 chlorinator at the 2nd section of Petit-Goâve, a coastal town in Ouest Department, 42 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince.  Haitians living in this section have been severely impacted by last January’s earthquake. They’ve been without adequate amounts of potable water, despite the fact that reservoirs have been built here over the last 3 years. International Action has installed the chlorinator at the entrance of Rue Bonne Soldate, giving clean water to 17,000 to 20,000 people.


N : 18025.437’

Wo : 73001.108’

We also installed an LF 500 chlorinator at Tapion, east of Saint-Marc port and close to Desjardins. Overwhelming requests from the local community brought us to the community, and the residents are very happy with the water they are getting now, despite the efforts of a famous NGO to pressure us to dismantle our chlorinator–They preferred to use liquid chlorine to treat water instead, a much more volatile and potentially dangerous form of chlorine to handle compared to our chlorine tablets. Local leaders disagreed with this NGO, and with the support of the community and DINEPA, the Haitian water agency, our chlorinator is still firmly in place, serving 10,000.


N : 18025.806’

Wo : 72049.009’

We also went to Nos Petits Frères et Sœur, close to Furcy, about 10 miles southeast of Port-au-Prince. We put in 10 LF 500 chlorinators here, benefiting about 2,000 children. Mr. Jan Weber, the head of social affairs in the area, noted that children are very happy with the clean water now provided. The residents of Nos Petits Frères et Sœur put a lot of faith in our local staff and our work because of the obvious health benefits and convenience of having a safe, reliable source of water.


N : 18026.179’

Wo : 72016.864’


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