Hard at Work – April 13th Update

We’ve had a very eventful couple of weeks. Here’s what’s been going on:

  • Local staff are currently working to repair damaged/destroyed chlorinators and water tanks, water tank support structures.
  • In March, we sent a hydraulic engineer to Port-au-Prince to meet with DINEPA, Haitian water agency, to discuss rebuilding public water system. A Haitian microbiologist was also dispatched to test water samples for fecal coliform.
  • We’ve also shipped over 120 new chlorinators and 100 150-gallon capacity water tanks provide clean water and water storage to areas that didn’t have it before.
  • We’re in the process of manufacturing larger, 2,000 gallon-capacity storage tanks to replace those that were destroyed–they will be ready to ship this month.
  • A truck laden with PVC fittings and 200 mosquito nets will be shipped to Haiti in the next week or so.
  • Currently, our chief engineer is in Haiti, meeting with local staff, DINEPA, and other NGOs to plan rebuilding/rehabilitating water system. We also enlisted pro bono help from engineering firm Woodard and Curran to help design a new water system.
  • We’ve also secured a partnership with P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Initiative and AmeriCares to obtain one pallet of 113,250 PuR calcium hypochlorite satchets. They will reach our warehouse from Santo Domingo this week. These satchets will be distributed to rural villages north and west of Port-au-Prince identified by our Haitian Director as having received no form of earthquake relief and where we cannot immediately install chlorinators. Each satchet can treat 10 liters of water to render it safe for drinking.
  • 10 solar cookers purchased, await shipment to Haiti.
  • The good people at Patagonia have donated a supply of rain gear to keep our local staff dry in the rainy season.
  • We also sent a supply of almost 12,000 multipurpose tree seeds from our good friends at Trees for the Future to start a tree nursery in Port-au-Prince. The species and seed count are given below:
Tree Type Packets Total Quantity of Seeds
Moringa oleifera 3 750
Cassia siamea 5 5,000
Cedrela odorata 6 3,900
Crevillea robusta 1 900
Cassia fistula 7 1,190

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