Working with UNICEF

We’ve just successfully requisitioned a huge supply of water and hygiene items from UNICEF. Besides obtaining safety equipment, work clothes, and tools for the staff (boots, face masks, overalls, hammers, 1 generator, a pump, wheelbarrows, chlorine test kits), we have received supplies that we will distribute to needy areas in the city. The following is a list of items and locations where Dalebrun, our Haiti Director plans to distribute them.

  • 280 hygiene kits for adults for the elderly and adults in Bois Neuf and Drouillard
  • 960 bars of soap for adults and children in Bois Neuf
  • 9 rolls of tarp for churches/adult community center in Casale and Trou-Sable
  • 8 5,000 liter collapsible water tanks w/ distribution kits for 4 schools in Cite Soleil and Port-au-Prince communes
  • 500 10 liter collapsible water tanks to 500 women in Bertin
  • 1 300 gallon water tank for a school in Archaiae

Local Staff with UNICEF supplied Adult Hygiene Kits

Last week, Dalebrun also met with the head of DINEPA, the Haitian water agency. In the meeting, we received approval for our plan to install 2,000 gallon water tanks throughout the city. The first batch of 34 tanks will leave for Haiti on June 1st.


2 thoughts on “Working with UNICEF

  1. je suis sinvil commo Etudiant finissant en Genie
    civil je veux donner ma participation dans la constructions des Arbrits provisoir et même dans la reconstuctrion de mon pays (cher HAiti).
    Comme USAID C’est une org.qui est plus fiables et plus respéctueuses Alors je suis inscrit pour que j’ai la chance de partipé.

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