VIDEO: Introducing the Campaign for Clean Water for Schools

International Action is excited to introduce our newest campaign in Haiti. The Campaign for Clean Water for Schools aims to bring clean water to all students enrolled in schools in Cite Soleil, one of the poorest slums in the capital of Port-Au- Prince. The goal of the campaign is clear: bring clean water to students so that they may focus on their education rather than be debilitated by stomach aches and diarrhea caused by dirty, bacteria ridden water. By focusing on their education, they can rise up and overcome the cycle of poverty that they currently exist in.

Each school will be receiving a 150-gallon water tank as well on site for the children and staff to use.  The water will be delivered by our water tank which holds 1,200-gallons of water.  The water is chlorinated in the truck.  The campaign began in January 2011.  We are currently supporting 13,000 children across 73 schools. The campaign aims to install 300 more this year.  Currently, we are installing approximately 3 waters tanks per week. We cannot do it without your support! Please continue to support International Action as we carry out this vital mission.


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