Canadian student-run deworming initiative would like your vote

Please consider supporting International Action’s friends at “World Without Worms” in their effort to secure a competition grant from “Canada’s Next Top Young Philanthropist.” You can do this by voting for them daily at They are our allies in the fight to protect Haiti from intestinal parasites through de-worming. Their message is below:

Hi there fellow worm warriors,

We are three Canadian high school students. In our community, we are known as, the less than flattering, “Worm Girls.” We don’t mind. Although the issue of parasitic worms may possibly be the least glamorous around, we have come to realize that, among teenagers, it is also one of the most poorly supported and understood. We stumbled upon it ourselves. After participating in our high school’s humanitarian trip, we returned determined to try to find a way to improve the lives of students in developing countries.  With some research to determine where our efforts could be directed, we learned that over two billion people are infected by parasitic worm infections. Three hundred million of these are stricken with severe illness; half are school-aged children. We learned that chronic infections decrease the school attendance, literacy and life-time earnings of infected students. We were amazed to discover that this serious problem had a very inexpensive treatment; less than fifty cents for medication per child. World Without Worms, our initiative, was born. For the last year, we have worked to raise money for sustainable, school-based deworming programs, by challenging people in our community to match the money spent on deworming their pets, and through a host of other fundraisers. We spread the word through our website,, and through media interviews. We are working to expand our fundraising efforts to other schools, colleges and universities. One of our members, Abby Emdin, is currently involved in a competition for “Canada’s Next Top Young Philanthropist” where the winner is awarded ten thousand dollars for their cause. We thought the contest would be a great way to raise the profile of this issue. Please visit our website and lend your support at the contest site by voting every day until July 8th. Pass it on.

Abby Emdin

World Without Worms


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