Emory University Study on Our Programs in Port-au-Prince

Report: July 22, 2011

Eric Harshfield and Shivani Jain are two graduate students studying at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. For six weeks beginning in early July, they will be studying and evaluating International Action’s flagship program, Clean Water in Haiti for Communities. This is our community-based chlorinator and water storage tank program.

The goal of this study is threefold; Harshfield and Jain plan to:

1) measure the number of residents and communities who are positively affected by our programs, understand the impact of our project by conducting door-to-door interviews, and monitor the state of our equipment;

2) develop a monitoring framework so that we may evaluate the project year-round; and

3) establish a network of employees to carry out future program evaluations.

Harshfield and Jain have hired five Haitian university students to survey the public; they will be supervised by local water board members. So far 150 surveys have been completed and on July 21 will be the first community focus group meeting, which will allow members of the community to share their ideas and express their needs.


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