December chlorinator installations

International Action made four very important chlorinator installations in December. Two of the installations were  at Port-au-Prince schools: the Ecole Mixte Ittanie and the Collège mixte Excelsior. Both schools enroll over 200 students. The Ecole mixte Ittanie takes in the most impoverished children in the area. Both schools were given a water tank, an LF 1000 chlorinator, chlorine residual testing kits, and chlorine tablets.

 The Saint Marc Parish received a 2000-gallon water tank and a chlorinator. Fifty priests and about forty temporary missionaries live in the parish. The directors of the parish will oversee the use of external water spigots to which the surrounding neighborhoods will have access.

Finally, International Action has continued its expansion into the Sud-Est department of Haiti. In collaboration with Architecture for Humanity we recently installed a chlorinator and 2000-gallon water tank at the Ecole Communautaire la Dignité, in Jacmel.

Additionally, we restocked functioning chlorinators with chlorine tablets during December, so that communities could ring in the New Year safe, protected from cholera.


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