2010 Earthquake Response

Below is a general overview of how we’ve responded to the earthquake in Haiti:

  • Within 2 days of the earthquake, we began chlorinating and delivering 320,000 gallons of safe, chlorinated tankered water to some of the most marginalized communities in of Port-au-Prince.
  • We rented 23 private water storage reservoirs in Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince’s worst slum, to provide water relief to residents there.
  • We sent 9 pallets of chlorine (5 tons)–enough to clean up to 200 million gallons of water–with the help of the US military, Globus, USAID, and Seven Mercies. Chlorine tablets and chlorinators, as well as appropriate training on how to maintain and use them, were made free of charge for any organization with demonstrated need and where gravity flow chlorination could be applied.
  • We passed out more than 30,000 albendazole de-worming pills after the quake to stem gastro-intestinal worm diseases, specifically targeting children.
  • We shipped over 120 new chlorinators and 100 150-gallon capacity water tanks to provide clean water and water storage to areas that did not have it before.
  • Local staff worked to repair damaged/destroyed chlorinators and water tanks, and the water tank support structures.
  • International Action teamed with local partners to complete the first comprehensive microbial testing of Port-au-Prince’s two major water sources and the 15 surviving public water tanks, both before and after chlorination.
  • As of today, all chlorinators have been fixed and more have been installed.  We are currently providing clean, safe water for over 900,000 Haitians in and around Port-au-Prince.

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