2011-2012 Albendazol Distribution Reports


The International Action team is currently working on releasing a report on its 2011-2012 Albendalzol distribution efforts. Here’s a quick glance of our numbers!

Thanks to our 2011 partnership, a total of 66 schools received aid in all regions of Haiti. Totaling 200,000 pills for 2011.

2012’s cooperation with 13 different local committees and organizations led to the distribution of 413,400 pills.

Bringing our total sum for 2011-2012 at just over half a million! Our deworming campaign’s final number stands at 613,400 pills which were successfully administered and distributed to both children and adults throughout Haiti.

International Action would like to thank all of its partner organizations and community organizers for making our Albendazol distribution a success!

Stay tuned for our full report on our site: http://www.haitiwater.org

Non-profit Organizations Join Forces to Fight Malnutrition in Developing Countries

Children are our future. They will grow to be our future leaders and innovators. For these reasons, our children need to be healthy so they can have a chance at a bright future.

Unfortunately, thousands of children worldwide lack the necessary nutrients to grow and lead healthy lives. While children’s health is a worldwide concern, children in developing countries struggle significantly more than children in wealthier countries. According to the World Health Organization, 51 out of 1,000 children die before the age of five worldwide. But in Haiti (one of the poorest countries) 165 out of 1,000 children die before the age of five.  Preventable conditions such as malnutrition, respiratory infection, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and diarrhea are responsible for more than half of under-five deaths. Many infants do not even stand a chance as they are born with vitamin deficiencies and birth defects because their mothers are malnourished during pregnancy.

Fortunately, there are people working non-stop to improve children’s health in Haiti.

Some of these people are part of Samaritan’s Purse and ACDI/VOCA, two international groups that work to improve the health and nutrition of children in Haiti. Samaritan’s Purse operates a free clinic in Cite Soleil and are opening a free antenatal clinic in Trouchouchou, Petit Goave. They see over 200 children each week at the Cite Soleil Clinic treating burns, illnesses, wounds, and malnutrition. Samaritan’s Purse also prevents the spread of intestinal worms by making albendazole available to all children in need. International Action’s role at these clinics is small but important. They provide much of the albendazole needed to help the children that come to these clinics.

Children need more than treatment of illnesses and ailments to lead healthy lives. They need to have enough food and the right nutrients to develop healthily.

ACDI/VOCA works with the Bureau de Nutrition et Development (BND) to coordinate a very effective mother and child focused nutrition program. The nutrition program is part of a larger food security program funded by USAID.

The ACDI/VOCA food security program has three focuses: (1) the promotion of sustainable livelihoods, (2) the improvement of the health and nutrition of women and children, and (3) the development of a disaster early warning system for food security.

To improve the health of children and mothers, ACDI/VOCA, through community health rally posts, is providing health and nutrition education, growth monitoring and promotion, training and supportive supervision to government health care providers and targeted food rations to pregnant and lactating women and children. Along with the aforementioned services, supplements are being provided to ensure children and mothers have the nutrients they need to be strong and healthy.  International Action has aided ACDI/VOCA in this effort by providing their Southeast health rally posts with vitamin A. Vitamin A helps strengthen immune systems and prevents blindness.

The program has helped thousands of children and women. A total of 12,589 children and 4,371 pregnant and lactating women now lead healthier lives because of the nutrition program.

Thanks to groups like Samaritan’s Purse, ACDI/VOCA, and International Action, children in Haiti can grow up healthier and more prepared for their future.

Looking for Partners to Distribute De-Worming Pills

Does your organization work with children in Haiti? If so, help us fight malnutrition and dysentery, and boost school attendance, by distributing albendazole de-worming pills.

Intestinal worms are rampant in Haiti, thanks to the lack of clean water and sanitation resources. Children suffer the most from these parasites, which can steal up to 20% of a child’s daily nutritional intake, leaving them at great risk of malnutrition and anemia. With these come further problems: stunted growth; impaired physical and mental development; time away from school. These worms are setting back an entire generation of Haitians.

We have a supply of albendazole de-worming pills ready for distribution from our warehouse in Port-au-Prince. If your group works with a school or clinic in Haiti, why not partner with us to combat this scourge? Send us an email at info@haitiwater.org, or contact Zach Brehmer (zbrehmer@haitiwater.org) or Wesley Laine (wesley@haitiwater.org). Let us know who you are, where you work, and how many children you can reach.

Together, we can help create a better future for Haiti’s children.

— The International Action Team

357,759 Haitians Get De-worming Treatment

Haitian Director Dalebrun Esther has nearly completed distribution of our first purchase of 400,000 Albendazole pills. The pill de-worms children and adults.

Beginning with 65,000 people in Port-au-Prince reached through our local water boards, Dalebrun built a network of officials in outlying towns in Grand Anse and eight other regions of Haiti to distribute Albendazole.

Our report to the Pan American Health Organization is attached showing each province of Haiti with who was treated.

We reported 110,827 preschoolers – 3 years to 6 – got treated, 90,768 in the 6 to 14 year range, and at 15 years and older 79,410 women and 76,754 men.

We were so impressed by Dalebrun’s success in building a Haiti-wide network that we purchased another 1 million Albendazole tablets at $7500. Nearly every Haitian has worms of several varieties, and a single dose of the de-worming pill removes them for one year.

Worms take calories received by already underfed kids, slowing growth and retarding mental development. With chronic diarrhea from dirty water, the burden of worms affects nearly every Haitian.

In 2010, International Action will continue to offer church, municipal, neighborhood and other groups access to Albendazole tablets for free. A research team from Notre Dame University will be conducting a survey of the impact of Albendazole in Haiti during the same period.

Below is a link to pictures of women and children receiving the pills: