2010 Donations to Haiti Applicable to 2009 Tax Returns

As we wait to hear more from our staff in Haiti and pray that the continuous aftershocks will soon come to an end, more reports and statistics are consistently reported. The United Nations Children’s Fund is on alert for high rates of trafficking among young children in Haiti. A concern even before the earthquake, this fear has now been heightened. Many children have been separated from their families and are beginning to disappear from their hospital beds, as reported by UNICEF Senior Regional Advisor for Child Protection, Jean- Claude Legrand. Tens of thousands of children have now lost their families, yet they are not officially orphans. While many children continue to be saved from the shocking and brutal aftermath of the earthquake, unless the children are undoubtedly orphans, they can not be airlifted and brought to the United States. Essentially, these children feel abandoned and left in hospitals that are not even equipped with anesthesia to perform surgery and clean water to drink. As a result, it is now more imperative that our team is provided with trucks, materials, and funds.

Additionally, it was announced by CNN this morning that donations to Haiti will soon be deductible on your 2009 tax returns. Usually, donations may only be applied to the exact year they were made, however after both Houses of Congress met, they voted for the proposal which will soon be signed by President Obama. In order to apply for this, you must make a donation to a domestic charity that is assisting Haiti before March 1. With this new incentive we hope to fund our tasks and make advancements in Haiti.

To hear about the crisis is one thing, but to actually witness and see the catastrophe for yourself is another. In the post below, pictures that were sent to us from Haiti are attached. Please take a look and keep Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.