Looking for Partners to Distribute De-Worming Pills

Does your organization work with children in Haiti? If so, help us fight malnutrition and dysentery, and boost school attendance, by distributing albendazole de-worming pills.

Intestinal worms are rampant in Haiti, thanks to the lack of clean water and sanitation resources. Children suffer the most from these parasites, which can steal up to 20% of a child’s daily nutritional intake, leaving them at great risk of malnutrition and anemia. With these come further problems: stunted growth; impaired physical and mental development; time away from school. These worms are setting back an entire generation of Haitians.

We have a supply of albendazole de-worming pills ready for distribution from our warehouse in Port-au-Prince. If your group works with a school or clinic in Haiti, why not partner with us to combat this scourge? Send us an email at info@haitiwater.org, or contact Zach Brehmer (zbrehmer@haitiwater.org) or Wesley Laine (wesley@haitiwater.org). Let us know who you are, where you work, and how many children you can reach.

Together, we can help create a better future for Haiti’s children.

— The International Action Team