Areas in Haiti are Being Reached

Getting any resources to Haiti in this time of need is still difficult, as most ports, airports, and banks remain closed. We have been able to successfully send money to our Haitian staff using CAM money transfer. We are very grateful to the Dominican Republic Red Cross and INAPA who are coordinating to help us with shipping a truck and water tanks to Haiti. Clinton Global Intiative has also volunteered to help us coordinate shipping and allow resources to get into Haiti as quickly as possible.

So far, our Haitian director Dalebrun has distributed a total amount of 17,310 gallons of water to various neighborhoods in Haiti.
He has reached:
– Cite Soleil
– Bois Neuf
– Cite Militaire
– Cite Ouillot
– Village Solidarite
– Simmond Pele
– Route Nationale
– Mais Gate
– Cite Lumiere (temporary station)
– Tay Alal
– Sahak
– La Couronne (temporary)
Dalebrun has hired 5 more staff to help with the work and security.

Haiti Relief Donation

Update from Haitian Staff

Our Haitian director, Dalebrun Esther, is busy distributing water to as many neighborhoods as possible. Dalebrun says that CAMEP officials would be willing to assist in his effort to distribute water to the population, along with truckers from privatized companies. He knows of two water sources that are working and has identified 28 public water tanks that are in good enough shape to hold water. He has hired additional workers and is tirelessly working to get water to as many people as possible.

International Action continues to work and share information with other agencies, including Southcom, USAID, PAHO, Clinton Foundation, Partners in Health, and the Red Cross. We have sent many agencies GPS coordinates of all the public water stations.

Haiti Relief Donation